December 18, 2009

$300 independent short film from Uruguay

Fede Alvarez made this film with a budget of $300 and then put it on youtube, and after a short period some Hollywood producers got wind of it and are now paying him $30 million to make a feature-length sci-fi version.
I never imagined robots blasting through architecture could be so lovely.

December 2, 2009

November 3, 2009

Advanced Style Blog

New favorite blog: Advanced Style.

Eric Testroete's Paper Model of His Own Head

"Game developer Eric Testroete wanted to be creative this Halloween when selecting his costume, and he did just that. Testroete a 3D character artist and photographer put his skills to the test this holiday by creating a "big head" mask of... his own head."

Tuscan Farm House

Found these images on a site called "The Style Files"